Posted by: nsabo | January 1, 2020

2020 signifies more than a new decade

Without the vision of Perfection the people perish. Advances of all sorts bring the American people to the stage of spiritual and moral advancement. ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’ being the motto of the Unites States of America, is at its highest point and due now to manifest; setting the new and final stage for humanity progress on earth.

Freedom, prosperity, and peace are the foundation in which America has been established. Every destructive force on earth has tried to destroy this GOD-given nation. America shall be FREE; and with that freedom all mankind shall reap the blessings.

2020 signifies more than a new decade. It means a crystal clear vision (2020 VISION) for Americans and the heart-felt passion and drive to manifest the highest Ideals known to mankind since earth’s beginning.

GOD BLESS AMERICA! GOD BLESS 2020! GOD BLESS ALL MANKIND especially those making the conscious effort to serve the LIGHT OF GOD THAT NEVER, EVER FAILS!

Dr. Stanley El, D.Div., Founder
The National Society of American Business Owners
Established 1996

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