The National Society of American Business Owners (NSABO) is a national non-profit corporation dedicated to American Business Ownership Development (TM) (ABODE). NSABO and its initiatives are founded upon the Principles of the United States Constitution.

The National Society of American Business Owners (NSABO) stands for the God Ideals of our United States Constitution as intended by its Founding Fathers. As a development organization, NSABO is dedicated solely to the advancement of American business ownership skills, abilities and qualities that ensure more permanent success. We acknowledge and support business owners who have taken a stand for what is Right, Honest, Honorable, and True in business and service to Life. NSABO pursues the high ideals of Perfection for America and the world through its business developments, public services and affiliates. NSABO is supported solely through its business products and services.

The National Society of American Business Owners was founded by its president, Dr. Stanley El,D.Div. in 1996. Dr. El is the nation’s authority in American Business Ownership Development(TM). He established American Business Ownership Development(TM) in 1986 as a way of providing more effective and sustainable strategies to grassroots companies seeking high-growth and ideals. He has been an entrepreneur since age 17. He has contributed his efforts to supporting 100s of business owners in the past 40 years through consulting, training, mentoring, facilitating, marketing, writing, designing, inventing, publishing, and multimedia broadcasting (both radio and video). His background includes business, economic, community and creative development.

American Business Ownership Development (ABODE)(TM)
American Business Ownership Development (TM) ABODE is the result of a genuine interest in business ownership development in America. That interest has evolved into methods, tools and services created to effectively support the development of business owners who are seeking to accomplish the extraordinary. This means that they have made a commitment to personal and leadership development, high-growth, and prosperity for themselves, their businesses, employees, affiliates, families and communities.

The Principles of American Business Ownership Development (TM)

  • All mankind are created by God for the purpose of expressing Perfection.
  • America is the birthplace of Freedom to pursue the highest ideals of Perfection.
  • Business owners are leaders. They have a tremendous influence on others including family members, their communities, business associates, and fellow citizens.
  • Business owners, as a group of individuals with high ideals, morals, values and ethics, given a single focus could dramatically heighten the state and progress of America and the world. This was demonstrated in our American, Industrial, Financial, Technology and Information revolutions.
  • Business ownership is a career, a profession, a way of life and must be continually developed into mastery as with any other profession or craft.
  • Ownership means responsibility.
  • Anyone who takes responsibility for their actions and influences is accepting ownership.
  • Accepting full responsibility for individual actions taken makes that individual a business owner.
  • Ownership development requires discipline, initiative, courage, creativity, training and a commitment to sound principles.
  • Ownership is exercising one’s independence – the Freedom to pursue and express Perfection.
  • Expressing one’s full Freedom and God-given Rights helps to preserve and protect the God Ideals of our U.S. Constitution. This means protection and hope for the rest of the world.
  • Our obligation to Life is to serve all Life by expanding Perfection and preserving and protecting the Freedom to do so.
  • Universal Laws (Natural Laws as claimed by our Founding Fathers) govern all activity throughout the entire Universe.

Recommended Readings

“American Business Ownership Development: In God We Trust” by Dr. Stanley El, D.Div.
‘The Declaration of Independence’
“United States Constitution”
‘The Bill or Rights’
“The Five Thousand Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen
“The Making Of America” by W. Cleon Skousen
“The Majesty of God’s Law” by W. Cleon Skousen
“Think & Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill
“Unveiled Mysteries” by Godfrey Ray King
“The Magic Presence” by Godfrey Ray King
“The ‘I AM’ Discourses” Book 3 by the Ascended Master Saint Germain

Copyright 2007 The National Society of American Business Owners | All Rights Reserved

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