The following downloads are provided to support individuals who stand for the God ideals of our United States Constitution.  Visit often to download additional materials. Included will be awards information, publications, charts, and other media.

Dr. Stanley El, D.Div. on Sound Cloud
Listen to ‘I AM’ the Gift of Music of Dr. Stanley El, D.Div. hosted by Sound Cloud. Featured are Special selections  from  Dr. El’s amazing Gift.

Live! The American Dream radio show
Dr. Stanley El, D.Div.
Listen to ‘The American Dream’ radio show hosted by Dr. Stanley El, D.Div. every Wednesday at 5pm only on Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS FM.  Download the file and play in ITunes or your media player.

The Founders’ Freedom Formula recordings

Stanley El  at Drexel University video

Beyond the Barriers video

NSABO video shorts link

American Business Owners Day ‘Independence Day’ Proclamation

3 Pillars of Extraordinary Achievement

Wealth Creation Magazine Winter/Spring 2007


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