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The National Society of American Business shares a highlight of founder, Dr. Stanley El, D.Div.’s career. He is shown presenting ‘Marketing is Ultimately Service,’ a seminar from his original methodology ‘American Business Owner Development (ABODE)™. The philosophy, principles and practice of ABODE™ was established since 1984. NSABO is the sole promulgator of his development.

Posted by: nsabo | November 1, 2016

Celebrating Gratitude

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Working in harmony with Beloved Brother Dr. Z in Virginia and his ‘Happiness Campaign,’ The National Society of American Business Owners is acknowledging November as ‘Gratitude Month;‘ a month of Gratitude and Giving. 

Gratitude, Giving and Forgiving
are extremely powerful qualities of expression, especially during this time of year. I trust you’ll share in this acknowledgement; spending time contemplating the many blessings we all have and share. In doing so, you become a beacon of Light to those needing you most. 
Be grateful for all that Life bestows upon you. Be giving and open to receiving its gifts. Be FOR – GIVING and realize the power you possess to uplift humanity. ‘I AM’ so grateful! GOD bless you, Victoriously!

Dr. Stanley El, D.Div.

Posted by: nsabo | July 4, 2016


July 4th Independence Day Celebration American Business Owners’ Day


On May 1, 1997, The National Society of American Business proclaimed July 4th, Independence Day as “American Business Owners’ Day” to be celebrated nationally each year.

In the spirit of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights, The National Society of American Business Owners has determined that it is appropriate that Independence Day, which acknowledges the obtaining of America’s Freedom, serve as an opportunity to acknowledge individuals who have attempted to fully exercise that Freedom by becoming independent business owners. 

We declare that the contributions, courage, and tenacity of American Business Owners have helped to make America a great nation. This acknowledgement is a demonstration of our deep appreciation; and is an encouragement to all business owners and others to continue to strive for the American Dream of Health, Happiness, and Prosperity for all.

The National Society of American Business Owners aims to bring national recognition to all business owners throughout America and the world, on the ‘Fourth of July, Independence Day’ and ‘American Business Owners’ Day.

“Contribute to America’s Greatness!”

Posted by: nsabo | February 20, 2016

NSABO 20 Year Anniversary

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Two hundred and twenty years after the Declaration of Independence was signed, the National Society of American Business Owners (NSABO) was established.

1996 marked the conscious expansion of the vision of individual independence upon GOD as the sole Authority over mankind and the foundation of the first nation of Freedom.

With that expansion, NSABO directed its energy toward promoting the Vision of the Declaration of Independence, the Principles of the United States Constitution, and GOD Ideals, which are embedded in the Philosophy, Principles and Practice of American Business Ownership Development(TM).

NSABO aims to ignite a deeper love for God and our country; stir fiery patriotism; stimulate creative genius, extraordinary achievement, and exemplary conduct while promoting values, morals, ethics, and sound principles.

Serving thousands of individuals, since it inception, NSABO continues to acknowledge and support American business owners and other grass-roots champions who have taken an active, visible stand for what is Right, Honest, Honorable and True in business and service to Life.

‘I AM’ so grateful! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

Dr. Stanley El, D.Div. Founder
Contribute to America’s Greatness!

Like Beloved Jesus, America was conceived by GOD, by the Light, for the Light, and with the Light. Like Beloved Jesus, America embraced all Life. Like Beloved Jesus, America manifested miracles beyond measure to the benefit of all mankind. She provided hope to the weary, poor and enslaved.

From its birth came a nation of GOD, hopes of the Kingdom to come upon earth; the Promised Land of ages past and the fulfillment of the world’s new birth.

Like Beloved Jesus, America passed through the cruxifixction for her goodness and example to the human race; attacked for her virtue and betrayed by those who hide in disgrace.

‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life of the Divine fulfilled for the United States of America as the Ascended Master nation of the earth, ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and Life of the United States of America as the nation of the ‘I AM.’ ‘I AM’ the Resurrection and the Life! ‘I AM’ the Ascension in the Light of the United States of America; Land of the Pure & Free to the glory of GOD for all Eternity.

Happy Easter!

Posted by: nsabo | March 30, 2015

Authority vs. Responsibility

Experience, age, money or position does not make a person authority over another individual. These do make individuals more responsible for how they affect others. 

Posted by: nsabo | February 16, 2015

Brilliant Ideas!

What we call bright ideas or brilliant is often symbolized by light or the light bulb. The creative spark that spurs illumination comes from the Higher impulses sent forth from the Divine Mind or GOD. Criticism, blame, condemnation, judgement and the like often kills the higher impulses or GOD Ideals received by individuals, especially in those who are extremely sensitive and who are meant to serve as channels for GOD manifestations. In this era of the expansion of America’s Light, it would be well to accept all constructive ideas and ideals, while giving full credit to the Source of all good, GOD, the Mighty I AM,’ regardless of the channel the brings the Ideas forth. ‘GOD IS GOOD’ IS AN ABSOLUTE! Wisdom would say to acknowledge GOD as all good, despite appearances.  ‘I AM’ so grateful! GOD bless America’s Expansion of the Light!

Posted by: nsabo | December 17, 2014


For me, this CHRISTmas season is turning out to be something very special; more special than any other season I can remember.

After all that the year has brought us, we now turn our attention to family; those we love dearly. What better way is there to celebrate, even contemplate the spirit and meaning of CHRISTmas?

The special music, warm embraces and cheery smiles bring us together in faith, hope, and charity toward all. We forgive, forget all mistakes and start new. What a beautiful blessing the season brings.

To the husbands and wives whose sacred bond makes the family tradition possible; to the grandmas and grandpas whose wisdom of age and experience humble us with their resistless charm; to the children whose twinkling eyes and radiant smiles bring joy to the wise and weary:

Let your hearts soar this CHRISTmas season. Embrace the fullness of all Life brings. Accept the impossible dreams you dare to dream and pour out the Love that conquers all things!

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